TNG opens hub to nurture Hong Kong's fintech talent

September 3, 2019

Located at the heart of Hong Kong Island, the 25,800 sqft space aims to serve the thriving fintech community.

Financial services provider TNG Fintech Group has opened an expansive space at North Point designed to support fintech businesses seeking the necessary assistance to unlock their next stage of growth. Spanning over 25,800 sqft, Wall Street Factory aims to serve as an interactive platform for entrepreneurs, startups and institutions disrupting the billion-dollar financial services industry.

With twelve signature conference rooms and three main event spaces named Arena, Wall Street Corner and Sandbox that can accommodate up to 300 individuals each, Wall Street Factory offers one-stop solutions to companies from business incorporation, office space, bank account opening, working visa application, operation support, business referral, fundraising to capital market advisory in addition to networking, innovation and resource sharing solutions.

Upon entry into the space, visitors are ushered into a reception area featuring the iconic Wall Street bull. Corridors are designed in minimalist tones designed to extract the highest productivity and employee engagement. Beyond necessary work conventions, the Wall Street Factory also comes with a gym, game corner and a time-out cafe designed to provide employees a reprieve from their work.

Since its opening on 15 July, Wall Street Factory has forged collaborations with blockchain, AI, big data and proptech companies. The space also aims to serve as a central connector to investors, regulators, financial institutions, business partners, potential customers and media resources.

“This year, with the combination of Wall Street Factory, TNG is hoping to develop Hong Kong’s FinTech Community into a regional financial powerhouse, help startups grow to rising-stars to unicorns, and then to public listings in major stock exchange,” Alex Kong, founder and chairman of TNG Fintech Group told Hong Kong Business.

Giving back
As one of Asia’s largest fintech groups, TNG offers a wide array of services including e-payments, remittance, global cash withdrawal and settlement and wealth management. Its e-wallet offering has accumulated over 650,000 users since its launch four years ago, according to Kong. In 2016, the company formed a Global E-Wallet Alliance (GEA) in Hong Kong and 12 other countries including China, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India and Sri Lanka.

“We believe the milestones achieved will facilitate TNG’s further steps to provide financial inclusion to the unbanked populations around the world,” said Kong.

“We believe everyone in the world deserves a better life including the ability to access basic financial services,” said Kong. “The launch of Wall Street Factory perfectly matches TNG’s commitment to elevating lives of billions with financial empowerment and financial services.