Functions & Services

TNG FinTech Group makes available instantaneous banking and other essential financial services for all consumers, including the potential 2 billion unbanked population in the world.

Our functions and services are convenient, secure and government-approved across all countries that we are in.

Our Competitive Advantages:


App - Mobile

Web - Online

Retail - Offline

Transport - Offline

Global Remittance & Instant Cash Withdrawal

852 Banks

183,045 Pick-Up Points across 13 countries / territories

Financial Services

Blockchain platform

Asset Management

Global Bill Payment

Utilities, government services, loans and credit cards, schools, insurance, telecoms

Merchant Currency

Digitized cash coupons for merchant partners

Advertising Platform

We form partnerships that enable external vendors to make use of our platform for business that guarantee a Return Of Investment

Global SIM Reloads

Pay or reload mobile phone accounts instantly even when you are in a different country

e-Tickets / e-Coupons

Full e-Ticket and e-Coupon Management System - Events, Concerts, Seminars, Movies