TNG Wallet Offers “Scheduled Transaction” Feature with Faster Payment System (FPS)

September 28, 2018

Hong Kong, 28 September 2018  – TNG (Asia) Limited, one of the first batch of Stored Value Facilities ("SVF") licensees in Hong Kong and the operator of TNG Wallet, reveals  “Scheduled Transaction” feature with its connecting to Faster Payment System (“FPS”).

On 17 September 2018, TNG launched FPS together with all banks in Hong Kong. Leveraging its consumer-centric technology, TNG Wallet also introduces a new feature of “Scheduled Transaction” for users to schedule a forward-dated payment instruction on TNG Wallet and they can conduct the payment repeatedly by phone. Given that, customers can use this feature to make on-demand or scheduled payments to domestic helpers, or give their children pocket money quickly and easily, while small-to-medium enterprises can use it for regular salary payout. For both employees and domestic helpers, the “Scheduled Transaction” function on TNG Wallet can provide transaction record, which protect the interest of both parties.

Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and CEO of TNG, says, “With FPS, TNG is more convenient and easy-to-use now with a number of payout and pay-in options via bank accounts. It is a great opportunity for us to accelerate financial inclusion by bridging the well-banked and underbanked groups.”

From 30 September, TNG users can instantly send/receive money to/from all banks and major e-wallets in Hong Kong for free, by simply entering the receiver’s registered mobile number or email address.