TNG Shined at Singapore FinTech Festival

November 13, 2019

Brings new insights and gathers wisdom from FinTech Industry;

Steps forward to providing financial inclusion and becoming the global FinTech group

(Hong Kong, 13 November 2019) TNG FinTech Group Inc. (“TNG”), a leading fintech group in Asia, successfully held an exhibition at Singapore FinTech Festival (“SFF”) from November 11 to November13. As an industry pioneer providing the next generation financial services to the unbanked population, TNG stood out in the exhibition by bringing new insights to the event and gathering wisdom from the experts in FinTech industry.

On the first day of the event, Mr.Alex Kong, Founder and Chairman of TNG and Founder of FastWealth Venture Limited (“FastWealth”), announced the latest development strategies of Global E-money Alliance (“GEA”) and the launch of FastWealth, an innovative platform enabling financial institutions and e-wallets to deliver to their customers easy, fun and affordable investment experiences of buying and selling U.S. listed shares. In FastWealth’s Launch Ceremony, Mr. Alex Kong was excited to announce a strategic partnership between  FastWealth and DriveWealth, LLC.(“DriveWealth”), a U.S. based leader in global digital trading technology. Mr. Kong said, “The partnership between FastWealth and DriveWealth aims to bring the future of investing quickly and easily to our customers, leading us to step forward to becoming the global fintech group.”

Subsequent to the Launch Ceremony of FastWealth, GEA’s strategic partners including Emolize, E2Pay were invited to deliver inspiring keynote speeches, following by several panel discussions, which has provided great opportunities for visitors to do networking, to learn and to be inspired in FinTech industry.

Ms.Tasneen Padiath, Head of Fintech Engagement & Delivery of APA for VISA was invited as the moderator of the first panel discussion, focusing on the topic of "Women Entrepreneurs in Fintech”. Ms. Val Yap, CEO & Founder of PolicyPal, Ms. Rosalind of FastWealth and Ms. Betty Dong, Founder & CEO of Bright Communications joined the discussion as panelists and shared their insights on how they achieve their values and goals in the competitive FinTech industry, leading the audiences to think outside the box and work creatively.


For the second panel discussion, Mr. Gopal Kiran, ASEAN FinTech Leader of Ernst & Young and Ritchie Chao, Head of Business Development of TNG joined as panelists; and Ms. Betty Dong, Founder & CEO of Bright Communications was invited as a moderator, to share their views and experience about “Innovation in Financial & Digital Inclusion”.

During the event, Mr. Ritchie Chao also made presentations on GEA, expressing that “Consumers from around the world can purchase any product or service either online or offline and make payment through our GEA platform seamlessly and simultaneously without using any global bank account, credit, debit or prepaid card.”

“The GEA platform currently covers the Mainland China, Hong Kong and over 160 countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and European Union countries, which provides 24×7 cash-in and cash-out services to its users through a network of over 5,000 banks and over 400,000 cash pick-up points globally. At the same time, we made an initial consensus with many valued companies, that we confirmed to increase the number of counties covered by GEA platform and the new services will be launched in the near further.“ Mr. Ritchie Chao added.

Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and Chairman of TNG concluded, “At Singapore FinTech Festival, we have met various amazing companies which are doing their great jobs and exerting their efforts in the FinTech industry. We exchanged our thoughts and ideas, and open to reach partnerships with them to move forward together, for a brighter future of the industry. We have gained excellent experience in this event and are looking forward to meeting all the sponsors, exhibitors and potential investors very soon.”



About TNG FinTech Group Inc.

TNG Fintech Group Inc. (“TNG") is an investment holding company dedicated to impact investing. TNG invests into companies that provide financial and digital inclusion services to all segments in the society. TNG is committed to create positive, scale-up social impact, and boost living standard across Asia. The following are the 4 leading companies that provides global financial and digital inclusion transformation: TNG Wallet, WalletKu, Tranglo, and Global E-money Alliance (“GEA”).


About GEA Limited

Global E-money Alliance (“GEA”) is the first and the only global social banking platform enabling the interoperability between banks, e-wallets, and merchant network for the real-time money movement. Equipping traditional financial institutions with cross-platform instant messaging and P2P call functions to deepen user engagement. It effectively minimizes the transaction cost while expanding transaction reach across alliance both online and offline.


About FastWealth Venture Limited

FastWealth is an innovative platform enabling financial institutions and e-wallets to deliver easy, fun, and affordable investment experience of buying and selling U.S. listed shares to their customers. For more information, please visit